For car buyers who are into convertibles, Honda S2000 cannot be overlooked. The design resembles posh cars of the yesteryears. It’s an amazing mix of vintage and modern engineering. The line of roadster enjoyed immense success since 1999. It was introduced as a concept car in Tokyo Motor Show, 1995.

The Japanese automaker has been attentive to every tiny detail. With every year, the model is getting tuned towards perfection.


Exterior: The Japanese car maker has made exterior its forte in this model. Not many convertibles can match the extravaganza of S2000. It comes with flashy doors which could fit two people together while entering in. The bonnet looks classy in its laid back style. You can make quite an entrance anywhere, thanks largely to the exterior. The alloy wheels are pure eye candy when the car makes it stroll. The bonnet makes up for most of its length. The flash lights are quite apart from the wheels.

Interior: The dash is the centerpiece to the whole interior. It doesn’t look very advanced like the ones today. Nevertheless, it does most of the functions that an average dash does today. The seats fit perfectly with the upholstery. All the elements complement each other very well. You have good moving space for your knees and legs, thanks to the space available in the interior.

Drive quality: The initial experience with this car is fantastic. It delivers the chills and thrills in short and sharp movements. It is not a balanced car such as Boxter or SLK, however it offers its own brand of superior driving experience. Going for a long drive in this convertible is a pure delight. It guarantees a breezy drive throughout. The car is more predictable than most other roadsters. The car is very much civil and posh.