Buying My First Used Honda S2000

Buying My First Used Honda S2000

I got this car stock. So, I don’t have any pictures of the car when I first got it. Lame! I know.

The first thing I did was go and get the windows tinted, 20% in the back three, and legal (here in MA) 32%. Nothing special there. I had my last Honda wrapped in 5%, and I’ll NEVER do that again.

No matter how nice it looks, I got WAY too many tickets.

Anyways, after the tint, I went and got a stock factory wing. Once again, no pictures. Sigh. Then I went and got some Silver Starlight bulbs (which FYI suck.)

So I decided to switch it up, and I bought myself some JDM black headlight housing and along with 8000k HID headlights. The pictures of that are coming very soon. I also bought a Fixd unit for my car and downloaded the app. I think that Fixd is a must have on every car. Check out this review of Fixd to understand what it’s all about.

Also, I just went and tinted the tail lights. I’m getting A LOT of mixed opinions on that, so let me know what you think. Then, I went and bought 17-inch white Katana (sp?) rims. I’m not sure how they are going to look, but I like them. Once again opinions are welcome.

17 Inch White Katana Rims

I got a lot of mixed opinions on the white wheels so I went and had a friend paint them black for me. I think they look hot, but they chip so easy. Thinking about just taking them off and buying something new! What do you guys think of that black wheels?

Also put in some fog lights. Haven’t gotten any night shots of them yet, just regular day shots. I like them. In the future, I’m looking to lower the car a little bit, change some of the interior, and hell, I’m thinking of getting a cold air intake, and possibly a bigger motor. Who knows. I want to keep the outside look pretty much stock.

I have no plans of adding a body kit.

So, thanks for taking the time to look at my car. Like I said, better pictures will be posted ASAP. Hopefully, you like it, and if you’ve got anything you’d like to suggest, get at me!